ISO 9001 certified

About us

ARGUS TELECOM INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED, an ISO 9001 certified company, was formed on July 10, 1985 to act as distributors of telecommunications equipment and test apparatus for companies outside of Canada (mostly in the U.S.) whose products are sufficiently specialized to require representation of a high degree of competence in communication (telephone, carrier, data, radio, program, video, transmission) than normally encountered in representing organizations.

Quality policy


In a constantly evolving market, where customer satisfaction is and will always be our first priority, the need for continual improvement of the overall performance of our organization remains an important element that we must always take into consideration.

Conditions of our quality policy

At Argus Telecom International Inc, we collectively commit to offer:

  1. To each of our clients, a product and also an exceptional service without delays and at a competitive price, that totally meets or exceeds their requirements.
  2. To each of our employees, an exceptional support in favour of mutual exchange and sharing of clear, concise and pertinent information at an added value. This is an internal environment in which people can become fully involved.
  3. To each of our suppliers, an interdependent and a mutually beneficial relationship in order to enhance the ability of creating value for all.
Therefore, we establish quality objectives that are tangible, measurable and most of all attainable that will permit us to produce and to offer to our clients, high quality products along with great customer service. The will to work within this continual process of improving ourselves now guides all of our decisions..

John F. McCabe
President & CEO