ISO 9001 certified



  • Canoga-Perkins

    Time Domain Reflectometers (TDR), PCM-Fault Locator, T-1 Repeater Test Set, Test Set Probes, Test Devices, Maintenance Poles.

  • Heritage Technology Inc.

    Keep your copper plant triple-play ready with the HT1000 from Heritage Technologies. An extensive list of features you'd expect in a much higher-end unit is standard in the attractively priced HT1000. Physical layer testing runs from voice grade to ADSL. And with the optional card, ADSL2+ and VDSL provisioning and testing is also available. Intuitive design engineering makes operating the HT1000 simple for old hands and new recruits alike. In fact, many of the 27 standard tests are activated by a single keystroke. Like Super Stress™, Dual Trace TDR, Spectrum Analyzer and Incremental Pair Test. Be triple-play ready with copper's new best friend...the HT1000.

  • Mark Products Inc.

    Cable Pressurization Equipment, Leak Locating Equipment.

  • Micro Computer Systems Inc.

    Cable Analyzers, Remote Test Unit Capable of testing all Subscriber Lines, Remote Test Unit for use at Remote Carrier Systems.

  • Telefonix Technology Inc.

    Triple Play ToneRanger® Bad Bonding or Grounding is the number one cause for slow ADSL or VDSL, or pixelated IPTV services. If the pair tests good, but the SNR (signal to noise ratio) is bad or if a portion of the bandwidth is lost , it is time to check the cable shield. The ToneRanger® quickly and accurately pinpoint locates bad shield bonding and grounding . It saves technician hours, especially in locating direct buried open shields and bonds, even under asphalt or cement.

  • Tempo Research Incorporated

    Breakdown Test Set/Cable Fault Locator, Longitudinal Balance Tester.

  • Triplett Corporation

    Subscriber and Transmission Test Sets, Digital Multimeters, Analog Multimeters.

  • Wilcom Products Inc.

    Transmission & Noise, Fibre Optic, Digital Testing (DS0, DS1, DS3), Cable & Signalling.


SNC Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Noise Chokes, Humzapper, Radio Interference Dampers, Induction Neutralizing Transformers, Harmonic Drainage Reactors, Single Noise Interference Xterminators, Transformer Exciting Networks, Telecommunications Interference Filters, Harmonic Suppression Reactors, Glitch Tamer.



Solar Electric Power Modules 34 Watt - 70 Watt.


Best Power Technology

Uninterruptible Power Systems.


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